Travel tip: Seoul Metropolitan Subway

Super awesome video that makes me really miss Seoul! They had the coolest subway system and this song plays when you come into a transfer station. During our stay it became embedded in our brains. I couldn't help but smile when I heard it on this video today.

This subway system was really incredible. Super easy to use, well designed, intuitive, and really safe. Around most of the stations there are huge underground malls too. If you are traveling around the city, don't be intimidated by the subway. Ride it!

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation's site, the system is "the largest and most extensive metropolitan subway system in the Republic of Korea with a total of 148 stations throughout lines 5~8. Serving 2.7 million passengers daily with a total reach of almost 152km, SMRT stands at the center of Seoul’s public transportation system and is recognized as the world’s fourth largest metropolitan subway corporation."

Oh yeah, and their slogan cracks me up too. (The fact that a subway even has a slogan is another thing!)

Smile with YOU.

For more information on Seoul's subway system, here's some links.

Visit Korea (details on how to purchase tickets, how to read subway signs, etc.)
Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp  (general information on routes, culture activities near stations)
Urban Rail (history and details on the subway lines and their construction)


  1. this must be new because I don't remember this song but I think this video is really fun! It does bring back memories - we spent a bunch on time on this awesome system!

  2. I have subway envy. I have a feeling Seoul's system is 100 times better than Chicago's. Can't wait...

  3. Love the Seoul subway! It's a great way to get a feel for the city.


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