Friday Round Up

Oh, this little boy! He's growing so darned fast. He's really more of a toddler now than a baby, and along with it has come some very definite toddler behavior. He wanted to share some of his *special* talents with you, that we've been, um, *enjoying*.

Hi guys. Little Man here, and I wanted to share my top list of games I like to play with Mom and Dad. I'm sure you have your own favorite games too, so be sure to share them with us!
  • The Snatch and Dash--The Snatch and Dash is a classic, but still lots of fun. Casually saunter into a room and determine which object has the highest value or biggest potential for making a mess. DO NOT go towards the targeted item at this time or you will alert the adults to your plan! Instead, start playing with your toys, lulling your parents into a false sense that everything is mellow and quiet. When they think you are fully engaged with your tosy, they will start fiddling with their iPhones or reading a book. That's the time to make your move! Dash for your targeted item of choice and then sprint off with it. This leads to the fun game of trying to outrun your parents. You are gonna love it!
  • The Dash--This is a modified version of the Snatch and Dash. Determine a set point when the supervising adult is farthest away from you, and then start sprinting in the opposite direction from them, thereby giving yourself a huge head start. The game kicks into high gear when you sprints towards something exciting and new, like the road. Parents seem to love this because they start yelling and running really fast! (Grandma had particular fun with this game during her recent stay. We were in the front yard and Mommy was in the backyard with the dog. As Mommy tells it, "Next thing I see, LM is running down the neighbor's driveway at a full sprint, heading towards the road. Thank goodness the driveway is long! And then, like in a movie, around the corner comes Grandma at a full run, chasing him down. She got a little winded, but she made it in time." Great game, Grandma! Maybe we can play again soon.)
  • Twist And Shout--This isn't just a song anymore. It's a full-blown dance sensation guaranteed to drive Moms around the world batsh*t crazy. It's easy to do. Just scream at the top of your lungs as your Mom tries to change your dirty diaper (the nerve of that woman!). While you are screaming like a banshee so that all the neighbors in a 5-block radius think you are being tortured by terrorists, then institute the patented "twist" move. Flail all your appendages about (it's best if they are all going in opposite directions) while twisting your torso and attempting to escape from the changing table. Try this dance in new locations to keep it fresh. The women's restroom, the park, or during an emergency change in the back of the car.
  • Privates Investigation--I've discovered something big! (OK, not that big.) I've found the most amazing thing, and Mommy and Daddy always keep it wrapped up in my diaper. So, I have to be quick and efficient with my investigation. As soon as that diaper comes off, both hands are down there making sure that it hasn't gone anywhere. They try to give me things to hold onto and check out, but none of those toys are as interesting as what's between my legs! They seem to be particularly grumpy when I've got poo in my diaper and stick my hands down there, but I don't let that slow me down. This leads to a fun game of Mommy trying to hold all 4 of my appendages while she cleans the area. So I usually have to raise the ante by incorporating the Twist And Shout move (see above). Fun had by LM. Mommy, not so much.
  • Interior Designer--Evidently Mom hasn't heard of feng shui, so I regularly rearrange the furniture to show her the error of her ways. If I push really hard I can move a small table and chair across the room. Good thing we have wooden floors so things move easily! I haven't figured out how to move the couch yet. But that's not for lack of trying.
  • Stunt Man--Mommy says that I have no fear. She also says thank goodness the universe compensated for this lack of fear by making sure the mother of a fearless child has the reciprocal amount, thus, ensuring the child's safety. I have no idea what that means. All I know is that she screams when she sees me standing up on the seat of my roller bike without any hands. She mumbles something about the caster wheels and the hardwood floor and visits to the emergency room. Mommy says I have to stop talking about this now because her blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.

OK guys, it's nap time, so I'm about done with my advice. But one last thing. Don't forget the most important signature move you have. Right when you think Mommy or Daddy is about to lose their schmidt, flash them your super cute smile (be sure to use your dimples if you have them) and give them a little giggle. This totally melts them. Well, most of the time. Unless there is poo involved.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


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