Things are moving again in the Korean adoption world

It's been a long summer for many families in the Korean adoption community. After the government halted the EP distribution back in June, many families were unable to bring their children home. Some agencies also temporarily stopped making referrals. A few EPs were released in August, but overall it seemed that all the agencies had very little movement.

So it's been a long summer without much good news about families being matched or united.

Until now...

In the past month, have heard of several families who are traveling to bring their little ones home. And this week, in one of my adoption support groups, two different families received referrals! Wahoo! (Read Amy's referral story HERE. And read April's story HERE--she's actually in Korea right now to bring home her twins!)

Hopefully things will continue to progress smoothly for other families who are still waiting. We have our fingers crossed for two families in particular (Heather and Christy, you know we are in your corner!)

With all the uncertainty about the future of Korea's adoption program, it's great to know things are at least moving again. Still no definitive answers on how Korea's new rules might change the process. And the latest statistics about international adoption in the US reflect the changes in many other countries regarding their adoption programs. It's a challenging time for international adoption.

Here's a few more links with current news regarding Korea's international adoption program and the state of international adoption in general.

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