Friday Flotsam: 1.27.2012---Passage of time

January 25, 1992.

Mom woke me gently, shaking me on the shoulder. She whispered, "Wake up. Today's your wedding day."

Could that day really have been 20 years ago? It's quite hard to believe. The passage of time. It is deceivingly slow, creeping by incrementally. But it's always moving. And before you know it, your wedding day has receded into the "long time ago" category.

I wish I could say I remember every minute of that lovely day. But I only recollect bits and pieces. Likely because I was sick as a dog with walking pneumonia and loaded up on gallons of cough syrup and medication.

January 25, 2012
I remember a few fleeting images---getting dressed in the amazing dress that my mother created. (The Man still says it was the prettiest wedding dress he's ever seen.) Feeling the most beautiful I'd ever felt in my life. Holding my dad's arm as we waited outside the church sanctuary. Clinging to both of my parent's arms as the three of us walked down the aisle. Admonishing my mother for laughing as we walked, and then realizing the gasp was really a sob as she cried. (I openly admit that I later realized I was quite a Bridezilla that day, but at the time I didn't think I was.)

And turning the corner and seeing The Man. Staring at his face and trying to process the fact that we'd soon be husband and wife. And attempting not to break into hysterical laughter during the service after we lit a candle together and realized neither of us knew what we were supposed to do next.

But mostly what I can remember is the emotion of the day. We were surrounded by an overwhelming feeling of love and support from all who where there with us that day.

We've had our shares of ups and downs. I can't say that I'm an easy person to live with. We get into ruts, disagree, sometimes even wonder if this is the right relationship for us. But I've grown to be a better person because of this relationship.

And that pledge we took, to be husband and wife, in front of those that we love and care for---I truly meant it when I said it.

I guess it's good that time passes so slowly. It gives me plenty of chances to keep trying to be the wife I'd like to be. Some days I fail miserably. But there is always the next day that I can try again.

Happy anniversary, to a wonderful friend, who always supports me and believes in me. Looking forward to the next 20 years!

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  1. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing those links, even if you made me shed a few tears. ;)

  2. I feel lucky to be married. All those chances to keep trying to be better at it are much appreciated, too. :) Happy belated anniversary to you two!


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