Friday Flotsam: 1.6.2012

Can't believe how fast kids learn things! Here are some of the things that Little Man learned this week (at least all that I can recall in my pre-coffee haze this morning):

  • how to blow a harmonica
  • how to open the garbage can (step on the pedal)
  • how to climb on top of the dining table (not allowed!)
  • how to turn the lamp in his bedroom on and off
  • how to "give kisses" (he just leans forward and lets you do all the work)

Tomorrow he will be 18-month-old!  But he seems so much more like a toddler these days...sniff.

Sending you off with one of my favorite videos to watch lately. So well produced and so creative!

The Alphabet 2 from n9ve on Vimeo.

Have a super weekend.


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  1. Always love your Friday posts!



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