Coming full circle--A Korean adoptee returns to volunteer at a baby reception home

No time to blog right now, but wanted to share this great story with you right away. Korean adoptee Jennine Cusimano shares her story about volunteering at a baby reception home in Korea for a month during the summer of 2011.

The story gave me more insight about the facility itself, as well as the experience of the birthmothers, called "little moms" who live there as they wait to give birth to their children. I found this passage in particular, especially touching:

"I really enjoyed staying with the little moms, we all would hangout and watch television or play games on our lap tops or have ice cream parties and eat pizza and snacks. A lot of times, I would watch the little moms make toys and clothing for their babies. It was important to them to know that they were sending their baby away with something that was from them, one of the girls told me that it was her way of leaving a part of her with her baby. Some of the little moms also kept journals with photos of their sonograms and wrote letters to their babies saying they were sorry they had to give them up, but it was because they loved them very much and only wanted the best for them and that they deserved a much better life than they could give them. It was extremely emotional and the little moms always took pride in what they made for their babies and most of the girls who had already given birth would show me photos of their baby."

I also loved learning how an adoptee felt about returning to Korea and getting a glimpse into her culture.

Here's the link to the story--My Spence-Chapin Korea Intern Experience.

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  1. Great story - thank you for sharing this!



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