Friday Flotsam: 3.23.2012

Surprise! A Friday Flotsam! Unfortunately, blogging has fallen a bit by the wayside lately. I really don't like that because there's something comforting in sitting down to think and write and share. I miss the "me" time!

I'll catch ya up later on what's going on around here. But today we wanted to give a big birthday shout-out to my folks, AKA, Gamma and Papa.

Gamma's birthday is today, and Papa's is tomorrow. Little Man really loves to spend time with them both, but since we live so far from them, he mostly has gotten to know them through our video chats.

Christmas morning: opening presents from Gamma and Papa during a video chat. © Cheese Curds & Kimchi

Every Sunday, we fire up the computer and visit. Sometimes LM hangs out on our laps and talks to them. Sometimes he shows off by running around the room and showing them his toys. He's also played some fun games of hide and seek with them, and chatted with them while he was taking a bath and eating dinner.

Lately his favorite thing to do is to have them try some of his cooking. He holds a ladle or cookie up to the computer monitor where their faces are. They lean in close to the camera on their end and take a bite. LM thinks this is the coolest thing!

I can't tell you how fun these chats are, and I'm so glad there is the technology out there to help bridge the distance between us. And it's nice that Gamma and Papa make the time to do this every week. They even fired up the computer for a chat when they were recently on vacation at the beach. Cool!

So Happy Birthday to my parents, two super awesome people who have always been there for us through the joys and trials of our lives, and who are fantastic grandparents!

We love you guys! Please feel free to leave comments and wish them Happy Birthday!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely birthday sentiments. We love our Sunday chats, but sure miss grabbing a kiss from our LM.


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