Friday Flotsam: Can I get a whoop whoop? (Or at least a vote?)

Try not to be shocked. I'm doing a Friday Flotsam.

This week, the thing that keeps running through me is the feeling of thankfulness and being grateful. For things in my own life, and for others as well.

Right now, several of the women in an online support group I'm in, are in Seoul right now meeting their children.

I know some of these women in real life, and others in the virtual world. But I know all have waited anxiously for the day that they would finally be able to meet their child. I can remember that day so well. Hard to believe that it's been almost a year for us! I'm so happy for those who are there now, and more will be traveling in the weeks to come since the EPs are moving once again. Doesn't the thought of new families just make you all warm and fuzzy all over??

Oh, and check this out! Some super sweet person nominated our 'lil 'ol blog for a Circle of Moms Top 25 award. Awesome! (Makes me feel sorta bad for being a slacker blogger lately. Whoever you are anonymous person, I'll try to make it up to you.)

So, would you be a doll and click HERE and give us a vote? I'd hate to come in last. You know how competitive I am. You can be even a bigger sweetie and vote for us once a day! (And of course you can count on me to pester remind you about that.) Voting ends April 26.

You can go HERE to check out lots of other awesome blogs about adoption and foster parenting. We are sitting at #35 right now. Think we can make it into the top 25??? Vote!!


To make: Origami Easter Bunny tutorial
To eat: Mixed up Mandu
To have fun and make music: Incredibox (it's free!)

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