Anniversary time-One year ago in our adoption journey

Saturday officially started it for us--the one year mark since this whole journey began.

One year ago on Saturday, we go the long-awaited phone call that our son was ready to travel. The Man took the phone call from our social worker, and I wish I could remember just what he said when he called to relay the information to me. I can't remember the conversation at all! I just remember the feeling of being completely in love with life at that moment. The lighter-than-air feeling of anticipation in finally meeting Little Man and beginning our lives together. And the joy that I would be sharing the experience with The Man.

Of course, all that was accompanied by feelings of "holy crap, this is actually happening!" and the panic that we were about to meet Little Man and begin our lives together.

Was that really only a year ago?

Tonight, about 9 p.m., will be the time that we first met him (Korea time). That deserves some big retrospective post. I should be a good blogger and have a whole slew of anniversary posts about all the big firsts that we were experiencing. But I haven't quite managed to sit down and put it all down. Time to write is a rare commodity these days. But mostly, I haven't written the posts because whenever I try to write about them, I start crying.

So when I quit being an emotional mess, (or at least can type through the ugly cry) I'll try and share some of those amazing moments.


  1. Enjoy the memories! Look at the pictures. Watch the video. Have a good cry. I've been a dad more than two years now, and time to write is STILL a commodity. :) Congrats!

  2. Congrats on such a special anniversary!

  3. a year, A YEAR, a year. Wow. The day you waited so long for is already a year ago. And now YOU are holding, caring, and playing with LM. Wow. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Anyoassao... i just began Following your site , thank you for sharing your story...My husband and i just recently switched from a failed adoption in Poland. We started the process to Korea which we are thrilled about..God bless your family:):)


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