Friday Flotsam: 8.24.2012

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Saw the first signs of fall while walking in the woods with Little Man. It's my favorite season and oh, so bittersweet. Love the colors. The crisp air. Love bringing out sweaters and snuggling under blankets. Hot apple cider and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.

So much to love about fall, except....it's followed by a very long winter here in Wisconsin.


Can't believe summer is really over. But I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite fall things with Little Man. That's something to look forward to.


Not sure what to make of this story about a mysterious disease affecting Asians and Asian-born populations.
Make these personal-sized baked oatmeal snacks this week. Yummy, easy, and no more excuses for skipping breakfast!
Going to try this idea for creating personalized coloring pages from photos. Think it's a great idea to help Little Man build recognition for family members who live far away.
I remember my mom leaving a big bowl of candy on our porch each Halloween when we'd be out trick-or-treating. I'm sure the entire contents were dumped into the first kids' candy bag, but you have to leave something out, right? Anyway, leave it to Martha Stewart to create a cute version---a lollipop pumpkin.

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