How to play Gonggi: A Korean board game

Wish I had found this great series on Korean board games last week! At The Korea Blog, the blogger is highlighting different Korean board games including gonggi which is a popular game to play for the New Year celebration.

Here's the short video he did showing how to play the game. Check out the links section below to go to the full blog post with the rules. There's also a link for Yut Nori, another popular New Years game. Can't wait to see what the next posts will be on!

If you think this looks like fun (I do!) then your next logical question would be, where can I find the gonggi game here in the US? I haven't checked out H-Mart, but Little Seouls does carry the game pieces and you can get them by checking out the links below.

Korean Games: Gonggi
Korean Games: Yut Nori
Little Seouls Glitter Gonggi Game

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