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I know it's been quiet here. To be honest, 2013 has a lot of improving to do.

We started New Years day with a houseful of ick. This, following our Christmas sickfest, where Grandma, Daddy and Little Man were all under the weather. So, for new Years, we had a new round of fun, as LM had a sinus/ear infection.

Followed by The Man's upper respiratory infection.

Then, came the news that Great-Grammie's health was rapidly declining for unknown reasons.

And add in one other death in the family.

As I said, 2013 isn't off to a great start.

We quickly scheduled a trip out to see Great-Grammie, which was wonderful and emotional. We have so much fun being with family, even when it's under difficult situations. Grammie seemed to enjoy watching Little Man run about, and Little Man loved to give her giant hugs and share her snacks. It about broke my damned heart watching that, but I was happy that we were there, all the same.

The visit wasn't long enough of course. The Man could only stay a few days, and Little Man and I stayed a bit longer. I was a bit nervous about a full day of travel without a second set of hands, but Little Man was a champ and did great. It was good to be home, but so hard to be away from family again.

I miss seeing LM scream excitedly when he sees Papa. Or the wonder on his face as he watches Grandma sew. Or seeing those sweet moments when he reads books with Grandma G. Or watching him run up to Grammie's chair and sweet talk her out of a pretzel.

Spending time with cousins and screaming and running until you collapse on the floor. Taking him places that I went when I was a kid. Showing him the school that his daddy and I went to.

As my great-grandma said, the older you get the faster time goes.

Sigh. So right.

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