When did I become such a wuss?

Today, I was at a school for an event. It was only the second day of classes and there were sobbing kids everywhere. Mostly K-4 kids.

I've seen kids struggle like this after years of covering back to school stories. Never bothered me before. But this time, I couldn't take it! Just wanted to run over to them and give them a big hug.

And the thought that our boy will be ready for K-4 next year sent me into a panic! Seriously. Teary eyed just thinking about it and sure that I'll be a blubbering mess when it comes time to send him off to school.

Anyone else turn into a giant softy after having kids?

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  1. Umm, yeah. Not always the first day either - the last day can bring on the mama tears too. Apparently time goes faster when you are a parent too. That wasn't part of the "now you are going to be a parent - here's everything you need to know about adoption" book. Sigh.


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