Davion's plea: Teen in foster care wants a family

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"Anyone that will love me" says 15-year-old Davion, as he describes his ideal family. Oh, how this breaks my heart. But this boy is really inspiring.

He's lived in foster care for his entire life. He was born in prison and found out recently that his biological mother had died. That spurred him into action. At her funeral he met family members who were not suitable families for him, but told him he was loved. He told his caseworker that finding out he was loved inspired him to start doing better for himself.

He began studying harder. And he began advocating for a family.

The teen went into a church in a last-ditch effort to find a family where he felt he would be more successful and happy.

Whose heart can't hurt to imagine a child yearning so deeply for a family?

I know many pit international adopters against domestic adopters. Heaven knows it's the most common question we get (why not adopt here when there are so many kids who need homes?). We had our reasons why foster care wasn't a good fit for our family, but I hope like hell that this sweet kid finds a home.

As of this posting, his agency has received 10,000 inquiries about Davion so it looks like a sure thing that he'll find his forever family soon. They are also calling it the "Davion effect" because many people are coming to adoption for the first time.

I just hope all these do-gooders, who hear his compelling story, also understand the less idealized aspects of adoption. Adoption is not a fairy tale. It isn't something you do to be charitable. It's something you really have to be prepared for and passionate about. These kids have baggage and deep hurts that need compassionate and strong people to help them.

Davion, so glad you took your search into your own hands. So sorry that the adults in your life have failed you and may you find the family of your dreams.

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