Free book download today on "curating conversations about race"

Wanted to pass this tip along to you all. I haven't read this book yet, but the Kindle version (also available on iPad through the Kindle app) of the book "But I don't See You As Asian: Curating Conversations About Race" is available for download free today (10/2/13). 

Yes! Free!

Here's Amazon's synopsis of the book:

"Sitting in the sweet spot between lectures in academia and activism on the streets, Bruce invites the reader into a salon type of atmosphere where he directly addresses thoughtless words and diversionary tactics, such as dismissing racial discussions as being impolite or avoiding race conversations altogether. He invites the reader to chuckle, gasp, and perhaps nod in understanding as he lists the kinds of statements often used against persons of color in a predominantly white culture. But rather than stopping there, Bruce asks readers to swap shoes with him and reconsider their assumptions about race."

Sounds really great!

And while we're at it, please check out this super great blog post from Black Girl Dangerous which addresses "allies", or people who claim to be allied, compassionate to, in support of, etc., of minority groups.

Obviously of interest to me, and really made me stop and consider, once again, how our perspective and experiences (as a white person) are so much different than that of a minority. Great food for thought here.

I think you can also apply the experiences of adopted people to this same concept. Many adult adoptees feel unheard, unsupported. Their voices and experiences hushed by adoptive parents who don't want to acknowledge the pain that often accompanies adoption.

The take-away: Stop. Listen. Don't make excuses. Just be present open yourself for understanding.


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