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Well, we had some tough competition. I mean, a pumpkin turkey can only have so many feathers, right? But I'm happy to say, we made it into Little Man's Top 4 Things To Be Thankful For!!

#4: "Stars in the sky"
Can I tell you how much I love this? I just adore how observant he is and each day he excitedly points out the stars in the sky as we drive home from daycare (the only redeeming thing about daylight savings time as far as I'm concerned, is that he actually gets to see the night sky before he goes to bed). He knows the Korean word for stars (pronounced pee-yol) and moon (tal) so we have fun practicing our Korean too.

#3: "Mommy and Daddy"
Well, I'm glad he's thankful for us. And his standards are pretty high. I thought maybe the teachers added in this for all kids, but noooo. I took a peek at the other pumpkin turkeys and there are a lot of parents who didn't rank. Way to go, kid! We are thankful for you too. :)

#2: "Stickers"
He's obsessed with stickers. And he likes to share them. Every morning before he leaves for daycare, he puts one on both The Man and I. Usually we get rainbow stickers. And he checks to make sure we are still wearing them when we get home.

But one of the sweetest things he does is to take a sheet of stickers with him to school. He marches into class and pins them on his teachers. And then, a group of kids surround him and he carefully places a sticker on each of them. As new kids arrive, he excitedly runs up to them and offers them a sticker too. I love this part of his personality. He's getting more confident! It's also hysterical because some kids will be bratty (I wanted THAT one) and he's completely non phased. He just moves on. Or if they want more, he calmly points out that they already have one. Love his leadership skills!

And topping the list at #1: "Rainbows"
Yep, our boy is most thankful for rainbows. And who wouldn't be? They are super cool! Now...he just needs to see one in real life. :)

I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone what Mommy and Daddy are thankful for. A great kid who makes us laugh (and cry) daily. Knowing our sweet Little Brother is being well cared for and counting down the days until we can bring him home. Great family, although far away, who support us through our trials in parenthood and in every aspect of our lives. Amazing friends both near and far who make our lives rich. And our amazing and wonderful Tropical Pug. Life is good!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you all!

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