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"Daddy" December 2013

Really, only three-and-a-half??!!

He seems so much older to me. Maybe it's because all trace of the chunky baby is gone, replaced by a boy wearing high water pants with a cheeky grin.

His grasp of humor seems beyond his years too. He is goofy like his dad, and already a smarty pants! He loves to sing his ABCs wrong, just to see if you are listening, and gives you that sly smile when you catch his mistake. Or he will just look at you and shake his head, and say "Mommy, you are crazy" if I do something like misplace my keys.

He likes to make up silly rhymes. In both Korean and English.

I catch him teaching classes and telling his make-believe students "It's not your turn. Please sit down."

He loves to turn out the lights, put his play lantern in the center of the floor, crank up Johnny Cash music (usually Ring of Fire) and have a dance party. He insists that everyone dance. He shimmies and shakes freely, in sort of an Elvis meets PSY sort of style, and dares to let himself go in ways that he never will with the lights on.

He is extremely OCD at times and he doesn't like to make mistakes on anything. I understand this.

Drawing has become a favorite activity and our refrigerator is covered with drawings of people now instead of the chicken-scratched crayon marks he used to make on paper. His people always have big circle eyes, with very long legs. And they are usually under a rainbow.

He can write his first name.

He sings a lot. And is still enchanted by music in a studious, observant sort of way.

Tantrums are still his method of communicating disappointment or frustration. He occasionally tries out new techniques like stomping his feet with his arms crossed across his chest. But usually, he sticks to the classic maneuver of throwing himself on the floor and flailing his arms and legs. Thank goodness he doesn't include spitting anymore.

He's a sore loser at games, pouting if things don't go his way and saying "I want to WIN". I blame The Man for this. Evidently Little Man's behavior is some sort of karmic payback---The Man was known for being a sore loser as a kid, which culminated in launching many a game board into the air as he stomped away. We haven't reached this phase yet. I'm bracing myself.

His favorite color is still pink.
Butterfly designing a Hot Wheels track.

Construction toys are the most played with items in the house. But he's recently discovered Hot Wheels and The Man has secured a super awesome vintage Hot Wheels track. I predict a Hot Wheels coup will happen soon.

He is obsessed with letters and "reading". He screams in delight as we drive around town as he spots letters on signs. And every morning he recites the letters he sees on boxes of cereal and milk.

He's taken to having "best friends" and often asks us if "you wanna be my best friend"? Melts my heart every time.

We've been the recipients of many more snuggles, hugs and kisses lately. In the mornings he has taken to pouncing on our beds and giving us giant kisses. Can't get enough of that. But I wish it was later than 5:30 a.m.

He asks me how to say everything in Korean. When I don't know the word for something he tells me to "look it up" or, he'll tell me "we need to ask SeonJoo" who is our teacher at Korean school.

When I cook or bake, he runs to the kitchen and insists on helping. He's great at stirring and measuring. And tasting. Lots of tasting.

He's about to graduate from his toddler bed. He was ready months ago. Mommy and Daddy weren't. It's so nice to sneak into his room and sit on the floor next to that low bed, where you stare at him for long minutes and easily lean over and kiss his sweet head. It reminds me just how little he really is.

And soon, he will take on the roll of Big Brother. He's got grand plans for his new sibling. The first thing he wants to teach him is how to jump off the couch.

Things are going to get very interesting around here.

Happy half-birthday sweetie!

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  1. love, love, LOVE this!! LM is adorable - he's going to rock being a big brother!


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