Dear Russia, please forgive us

Dear Russia,

Over the past few days we've been shocked to hear the details unfold about Artyem Saviliev's terrible story. What has happened is a travesty and something no child should ever go through. Our hearts ache for the loss and confusion that little boy is feeling. We understand you entrusted your country's most precious resource to someone from our country, and we are deeply sorry that your trust was abused.

But Russia, please, please know that there are thousands here who have and will continue to provide loving homes for your children. We are a land of many, and beg not to be judged by the actions of one.

While we understand your anger and call for drastic measures, we beg that you consider a different approach that will not adversely effect thousands of children awaiting adoption. We acknowledge that the safety and protection of children is first and foremost, and must be the first concern of both of our countries. We ask that you consider working with our country, investigating the facts and working cooperatively to make changes together.

We sincerely hope that we can create a stronger system to protect children in both of our countries.



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