Little sisters are a big help

I called my baby sister T a few days ago. She's 6 years younger than me and a fantastic mother to a teenager and a toddler. Whenever I need a reality check or a pep talk, I call T.

If you read my post about my fear of the unknown regarding parenthood, you know that I was in need of a serious pep talk. And T certainly came through for me.

"That feeling never goes away" she said. That wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. I was hoping this nagging feeling would subside as I became more comfortable and adept at parenthood. As I got better at being a mom, I wouldn't worry so much about all the things that could go wrong, all the disasters lurking around each corner.

She gently reminds me that until now, Scott and I have lived our lives with only the two of us to care about. We live them exactly as we want with very few surprises. We have become comfortable in being in complete control, and now, we feel very out of control. She suggests it's the lack of control that is scaring me. She's totally right.

And then she says, it's all going to be OK. No matter what we encounter, no matter what bumps in the road, we will be OK. I know that's true too. But it sure helps to hear it from my baby sister.

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