May is the "Month of Families"

The timing couldn't be better! In learning about Korean customs, I found out that May "month of families." There are several holidays to celebrate people important to the family throughout the entire month, honoring parents, husbands and wives, and even teachers. It's great to learn about the importance South Korea puts on family, just as Scott and I are putting so much effort into creating a family of our own.

I'm not sure if these are the Korean equivalent of Valentine's Day or other "Hallmark" holidays, but it really doesn't matter if they are. I still love the sentiments behind them!

The first holiday in the month is Children's Day. It's origins date back to 1922, when writer Bang Jung-hwan called out to put children first, teach them independence and help them learn about national pride.
"Children are the future of our nation. Let's show respect for children. Children who grow up with ridicule and contempt from others will become people who disrespect others, while children who grow up with respect from others will become people who respect others in turn." Bang Jung-hwan, founder of Korean Children's Day
Children's Day is celebrated by family outings to child-friendly places, having picnics in the park, kite flying, public demonstrations, and many businesses in South Korea offer discounts and coupons to families with children. How lovely for everyone to honor the next generation!

For more information about this celebration, click here. Also check out this super great article detailing other dates to celebrate in the "month of families."

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