These stories scare me

These are the types of adoption stories that scare me. Here's a link to a very sad story out of Pennsylvania.

International Adoptions Can Bring On Unique Challenges

Being a member of the media, I can see how they used a local, current event to delve into the topic of international adoption. But these stories are completely terrifying.

For people who don't understand why we aren't adopting kids from the U.S., stories like this confirm the notion that international adoption is very risky.

And for those of us who are adopting internationally, it's our greatest fear. That the children we bring home will have serious attachment issues, emotional problems, or just never fit in.

What is apparent is that not everyone is cut out for parenthood. We can see lots of examples of this with people who have biological children. Maybe what is so shocking about this case is that we know the lengths these people had to endure to adopt a child. It just doesn't make sense that they would abuse him like this.

But of course, abuse never makes any sense.

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