The Haiti Effect

As soon as people find out we are adopting, one of their next questions is "Have you thought about adopting from Haiti?"

The plight of the Haitians has brought the issue of international adoption to the forefront of many people's minds which is really great. However, countries are closed for adoption following natural disasters to avoid fraud, child trafficking and to allow families time to try and reunite. People's hearts are in the right place when they hear about these tragedies and want to help. But are they helping for the right reasons?

 "When our calls nationally about Haitian adoption went from 300 a month to 300 a day, we immediately thought of Ethiopia, but we want to make sure the motivation is family-building, not a response to tragedy," said Nancy Dykstra-Powers, director of Bethany Christian Services adoption agency in Fair Lawn. "We are here to help the children, not the parents. Article by Judy Peet--The Star-Ledger"

Haiti is closed now, and the calls have tapered off. But hopefully if people were moved to adopt following the earthquake, they will follow their hearts to children from other countries.

See the full story Star-Ledger story here.

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