This is starting to feel real!

Our baby journey start to feel real! While we were away for the weekend celebrating Scott's parent's 50th anniversary, the craft elves were busy at my family's house.

Mom W made a very sweet flannel blanket (how she whips these things out so quickly, we have no idea) and on the back it has "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy." It's hard to imagine that we'll have a little peanut who will actually be using that blanket! In the meanwhile, it's pretty nice to snuggle with that blanket and dream about the day that we'll be able to wrap it around our baby.

And Grandma had a little baby present to add to the mix too! She brought out a beautiful baby blanket from her blanket stash. It's crocheted with a lovely stitch (I haven't any idea what the pattern is called). Both of these things make it all seem much more real.

During my recent visit home I spent a fair amount of time with our two-month-old great-niece. I'm not a tiny baby person. They've always scared me a bit, but I've really enjoyed being with her! It helps a ton that she's such a sweet little baby. We didn't even hand her back to her mommy when she cried!

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  1. There are lots more blankets where those came from.
    Love, M


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