WORD Wednesday--"Dirty Korean"

(A word of warning--this post has a R rating. If you are sensitive to profanity you should stop reading here.)

At our first agency, one of the questions we were asked was "do you use profanity."

I somehow restrained myself from shouting "fuck yeah I use profanity." The Hubster and I bowed our heads like children in trouble, looking at one another sheepishly before telling the truth.

Yes. We use profanity. A lot of it.

But we don't do it around kids!

So I had to giggle when I came across this book "Dirty Korean" where I can learn everyday slang, including Korean profanity! Cool!

I like a book on language that doesn't take itself too seriously. This one looks to be humorous, informational and practical. They have the transliteration so those of us that don't have the Hangul alphabet down can sound it out in English.

There are some phrases in this book that I seriously doubt I'll ever need to use such as "you need to lose weight." Come to think of it, I doubt I'd need to know how to tell someone to fuck off either. But the book will teach you how to do both.

You never know what you might need to say...

(image credit: both images from the book "Dirty Korean" available at Amazon.com)


  1. hee hee....thanks for the giggle! I needed that this morning.

  2. OM(F)G! You were seriously asked if you swear?! Does swearing make you a bad parent? Because if so, I'm going to fucking suck at it. LOL!

  3. I stumbled onto your blog from a google search - this is a hoot, I ordered the book right away.

  4. Love it. I'm with Heather... we weren't asked if we swore.

  5. Hilarious! My hubby says I swear like a sailor;) I can't help it, its a stress outlet.(I obviously refrain around the kids as much as I can tho) But seriously, why would they ask questions that they do not want to hear the answer too? I'm really proud of you guys for telling the truth..kind of probably shocked them.

  6. yeah, the profanity question was one of the questions that made us wonder if we had the right agency. i mean, seriously...if you are basing our potential as parents on our use of expletives, you are missing the point. our new agency doesn't ask things like this.

  7. OK, after the conversation I had in the market the other day, I think I need to know how to say "F#*& off!" in Korean. NEED. TO. KNOW.

    This is hysterical. And oh so timely. I dropped lemonade on the [freshly cleaned] floor the other day and said "oh cr@p!" And so did Spencer. So it begins...


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