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Just a quick post to highlight this great Korean cooking blog we just discovered, Aeri's Kitchen. After just a brief digging around, we've already found half a dozen recipes that we'd like to try.

The recipes look easy to follow and are broken down by categories such as vegetarian, soups & stews, and dessert, so it's easy to find what you are looking for.

She gives short Korean word lessons with each recipe, which I love. What isn't as easy is trying to pronounce them correctly...

And some of the recipes even have video tutorials!

One thing you might also be interested in is the free cookbook ebook download that has more tempting recipes to try.

Hoping to try out this recipe for  DoBu JoRim (Fried tofu side dish) this weekend!

(image credit: Aeri's Kitchen

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  1. Ooh! thanks for the link! i'll be checking it out for sure :)


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