Signs from the universe

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I was on assignment yesterday covering the preparation of the schools for the start of classes after Labor Day. When I walked into a classroom I saw this lovely bit of art, scrawled onto a freshly washed chalkboard.

Sometimes I think the universe is giving me signs. Or perhaps I'm just more aware and open to these "messages" than I ever was before.

Either way, it's like a little hug each time I come across one. And I really needed an adoption hug this week.

Seems that I had a glut of people giving me their unsolicited opinions about how to raise our child, or questioning the process in general. Even the technician taking blood for my physical had to inquire: why do you need a blood draw for an adoption? He was rude and snide, and so was my response. "Because that's what they want."

Then I thought, wait, this is a chance to educate someone! So I very nicely explained that each country sets their own rules about who they will adopt their children to. "Where are you adopting from" he asked, still rude, as if the adopting country was ridiculous and outrageous.

Korea, I say. He huffs and rolls his eyes. "You'd think they'd be happy you are taking their kids." Oh my god. What an idiot.

It wasn't his questions as much as his approach. I gritted my teeth and said I'm sure they appreciated us giving their children homes, but they wanted to be sure that adoptive parents were as healthy as possible, yadda, yadda, yadda. And what's it to him anyway? He's paid by the hour. Take my blood and shut up.

Somedays, that just really gets on your nerves.

So stumbling across something as sweet as this drawing helps me stay grounded.

Thanks Universe. I needed that.


  1. I love this! (The ckalkboard I mean)

    Sometimes people can be morons. And it's the tone that gets me every time. I *especially* love when the offender scrunches up his nose as though something smells bad. GRRRR!

  2. Ok...wow. I am stunned.

    I feel sorry for the technician - and his lack of compassion, not to mention pure ignorance about adoption. I'm sure he will encounter many more adoptive parents who need blood taken for the same reasons. If he wants to keep his job, he better educate himself - or the customer complaints will get him fired!

    Deep breaths...and stay grounded, Pixie.

  3. Oh my word my jaw dropped at those ridiculous comments yikes!

    We had lots of signs/messages in our adoption journey so far, I love it, so reassuring and that drawing is too cute for words, love that you took a picture of it :)

  4. Sigh... people. When I'm in similar situations I just realize that the type of people who ask questions like that, and in that manner, really don't care what your answer is. So I save my energy and give them one-word minimal answers. You handled him better than I would have.

  5. Some people can be so rude. I think you dealt with it well though.

    Love the picture. I splashed some water on the counter the other day and it splashed into the shape of two little feet, complete with ten toes! I should've taken a picture but I thought the hubby would think I was going crazy because neither of us would call us believers in signs. I wish I had though, it made me smile and believe a little more.

  6. Glad you got a hug! I can't believe how rude that guy was! I understand curiosity and a little naivety but he just sounds ridiculous!

  7. Some people just suck. how rude.

    It is awesome though, when you see something sweet that reminds you of why its all worth it.


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