Friday Roundup--8.20.2010

The 12-man beer bong

The Weekend To-Do List:

1. Drink beer with friends and send all the summer interns off with a bang. Note to self--I am not 23 anymore and will not drink/act like it. (Disclaimer--I am not in the photo but this is how we party, Milwaukee style. Gotta love Brew City.)

2. Go to a one-year-old's birthday party! Try to resist the temptation of jumping in the bouncy house with all the under five crowd and showing them some killer moves.

3. Work. Enough said about that.

4. Get up ridiculously early after working the night shift, drive 2 hours, and run a 5K. All by 8 a.m. That one is gonna be a challenge.

Hope your weekend has lots in store for you as well!

You know I'm a sucker for stories by moms reflecting on their children growing up. (I don't even have a baby yet and I'm already imagining them growing up!) Lisa reflects HERE about the things her daughter Bella used to love, and wonders how she might change and grow as she's about to turn 9. She describes her daughter with such sweet details that you can sense what a special relationship the pair have.

MJ writes about people asking her where she's from, and her feelings on standing out in a crowd.  It happens all the time is a great post, insightful, and I learned a lot about MJ's experience, and what other adoptees may feel as well.

And another super post by Malinda at AdoptionTalk. Her post is based around language used by adoptive parents of Asian children, and weaves in some practical information too, such as eyewear for Asians. She references a post by another blogger, who, being Asian herself, brings up some really valid points.

Catching up on back posts at 12450miles. Blogger Christine shared a link to String-Ring, a kindness reminder ring. I particularly like the red thread rings, since the red thread story is a Chinese legend reminding us that there are those in the world who are destined to be in our lives--we just have to wait to meet them.

For non-adoption related fun, I loved this site which has a collection of great and funny photos taken from angles which make the photo appear to be something that it's not. I want to go out and try some of these myself!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Wow! Good luck tomorrow! I'd barely survive the 5K... and that's just if I had to roll out of bed for it!


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