WORD Wednesday--Music and Language

image from aheeyah.com

Music makes the world go round. (Or is it love?? I always get cliches wrong. But both of these could work I suppose.)

Anyhoo--here's a nifty music site, aheeyah.com, that's got some basic Korean language stuff you might find helpful.

There's some basic language and phrases, mostly pertaining to things you'd want to say if you were a musician in hanging out in Korea, and wanted to have a jam session. Here you can learn how to say:

다 같이 [불러요]!
Let's [sing] together!
ta kat chi [pool reoh yo]!

image from aheeyah.com
I know, not likely that most of us will be looking for singing partners while we're in Korea, but I did find the lyrics site entertaining and possibly a fun way to cram some more language into my brain. Thousands of songs have been translated on the site (look out K-pop fans) and are presented in Korean, English and transliterated versions.

I used to learn Spanish through song lyrics... maybe it will work for Korean too.

Check out the Korean language lessons at this site HERE. And click HERE to go directly to the lyrics page.


  1. I always learn something new from you. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I have both open and I'm hoping to learn something more. It is definitely a difficult language to learn!


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