Friday Roundup--9.10.2010

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Well, it's official. Fall seems to be upon us here in Wisconsin. The air is cooler, it's getting darker earlier, and the leaves are turning. Fall is my favorite time of year, despite the fact that it ushers in my least favorite season--winter. But I can forgive it for that because I'm so enthralled with all the beautiful things that fall has to offer.

The light in the fall is amazing. If you aren't a photography lover, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Just take my word for it, the lovely gold tones and the long shadows make for some good photo-makin'.

This photo doesn't exactly fall into the dreamy-light-of-fall category, but it made me smile this week. I was on my way to a soccer game and noticed the shadows of the fans in the stands. And as a special gifts from the Photo Gods, there was a curious kid on the left poking his face through the screen just as I made the photo. Love it when things like that happen!


OK. My fave post of the week is THIS ONE by Kristen at I Spy A Family. First off, it's such a wonderful idea to write a letter to your son (and I hope Buddy reads this letter from his proud mama one day) and the thought of doing that is enough to make me cry. But then to hear the pride, joy and happiness that Kristen has for her son...that will just send you right over the top.

In the food for thought category THIS POST by Malinda at Adoption Talk is a good read. It discusses adoption and religion. The comments section of this post are really great!

This scrumptious vegetable cobbler is on our menu for the week. Should be a great way to kiss the last of summer goodbye.

Oh yeah, and be sure to read THIS POST by Amy at The Purple of Life. My favorite part is the boy in the sleeper. Just go there and you'll see what I mean.

On that sweet note, I'm outta here. Have a great weekend!


  1. aw, thanks, Pixie. :)

    And you are so right about the fall light. That photo is a terrific capture!


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