WORD Wednesday--Learn Korean Online

Grrr. Our internet is on the fritz here, so I'm a bit rushed to get this post done before I bounce out the door. But wanted to share this language site with you.

image from  http://www.learnkoreanonline.net/freevids/
Learn Korean Online is video based Korean class. The videos were filmed during an actual language course taught by a native English speaker.

The videos and the accompanying study pages are delivered to your email so that's handy and convenient. The lessons are bite-sized chunks, ranging from 10-25 minutes each, and you can watch them as much as you want.

The whole aim is to get you speaking Korean. The instructor does work on writing/reading for the first 2 lessons, but moves away from it after that to focus on speaking. And he does a decent job of explaining things (from the bits I have watched).

The first 4 hours are free but I can't find any more information about what happens after that. I haven't worked my way through this course yet, so if you do, let me know what happens next! I think there is a full online class that you can sign up for...

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