Nursery musings

image from spoolsewing.com
I'm kind of an earth girl. Sure, I like to get girly once in a while, but behind the lipgloss I'm really a very simple, and very nature loving girl.

And I love simple but artful design. And especially love handmade goodness.

So, knowing all that about me, it should come as no surprise that I completely adore this bird mobile. I'm overwhelmed by a need to make it immediately. If only I had actually paid attention to my mother during all those attempts to teach me how to sew!

I do have a basic ability to stitch two pieces of cloth together. I've done it on occasion, and it only required half a dozen band-aids or so. Based on that glowing history, I think I might actually be able to do this. For now, I'm putting it on my crafts-I-want-to-attempt list. (The list is very long by the way.)

A link to the pattern is at the site, as well as a cool Flickr link so you can see other mobiles.


  1. That's beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. Now I want to try and make it too :-)

  2. that is so adorable!! Love it! :)

  3. I love that mobile--I have a bird theme for my son (our miracle after 2 IVF's)--this is tempting just to have for his room!
    Also saying my hellos from ICLW!

  4. Hello from ICLW. That mobile is gorgeous. If I had any crafting ability whatsoever I would attempt to make something too!

  5. (icomleavwe) This mobile is super cute, do you knit? Susan B. Anderson has some lovely knitted bird and nature themed mobiles and stuff. I love the birds they are so cute. This was also one of my favorites when I allow myself to think about maybe one day decorating a nursery

  6. Cajun, thanks for the sweet link! Adding this to the pile of possibilities.


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