Friday Round-up--9.17.2010

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A little eye candy for you! Since I started on the happy project I've been trying to make photos that are solely for my personal happiness. As a professional photographer, I'm paid to shoot images for other people---photos that sell products, capture memories or tell stories. I've moved away from making images that do something just for me, and definitely away from making images for the pure joy of making them.

Sooo....it's sure nice to find little ways to relax and let my brain rest. I found this last week and really love it. Just love the simple lines, simple colors. It reminds me that we are always on our way to somewhere but sometimes there is beauty when that forward momentum gets put on hold. But to be quite honest, I wasn't thinking about any of that when I made this photo. I just saw it and had to make that moment mine. I try not to read too deeply into the meanings behind photos...I think too much already. But this makes me smile, and it makes me happy.

What makes you smile and happy?


An interesting and contemplative post HERE at Hello Korea!  Although this adoptee doesn't believe that Korea should continue their international adoption program, she also acknowledges the fact that every adoptee has had a different experience and all their experiences are valid, both good and bad. She relays a conversation with a fellow adoptee: "She with her ideal (in the adoption scenario) outcome where loss was replaced with something good, and mine where my loss was replaced with not much good to speak of.  We both of us came away from adoption happening to us with the thought, “I want to LIVE.”  We’re all of us stronger for the suffering."

This post is an interesting contrast to the previous one. I have it bookmarked and I can't wait to make a list like this one day! For now I'll have to settle for being inspired and keeping my spirits up by reading this  list of awesome things about being an adoptive mama at Production, Not Reproduction.

And a little bit of hope--at Our Korean American Family, read this post about the baby reception home at SWS (complete with photos). SWS is our agency as well, so it is pretty amazing to see the exact place where our Little Man is going to be living! I kinda agree with the blogger that it's hard to see all those newborns who, while they are getting careful care, are not getting one-on-one care.

And lastly, starting to think about the baby's room. Wondering if we can work in something like THIS?  On a much smaller scale of course...




  1. That's a beautiful image, and pretty much just made my morning. (Seriously) It's funny that you bring up what makes you [me] happy. I've been thinking a lot about this lately and working to improve the balance between "need-to" and "want-to." Oh, and hitting the pre-order button on Amazon for my new camera made me pretty darn happy as well this morning. ;-)

  2. Terrific post and links! Yay for Friday! I really appreciate the adoptees view, and happy adoptive mam, and seeing the SWS baby rooms - I've want to see some good pictures from there.

    Also - LOVE the bookcase! I'd choose that - that size for my children's rooms! We have books overflowing our house. It's an addiction...

  3. Awesome photo, as usual! I took a one-day DSLR bootcamp class on Saturday and am finally starting to understand shutter speed, aperture, etc. It's so exciting for me.

    Thank you for the link to the baby reception rooms, too. Most of the adoption blogs I read are about children who came from Eastern, so it's really good to see some SWS images, even if it's kind of hard to see them, too.

  4. Yeah Amy. I completely know what you mean. When I first saw the photo of the SWS rooms, wasn't sure if I was excited or depressed. A bit of both I guess. But it is good to see. And yayness on learning your SLR! You can always email me with questions!


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