WORD Wednesday--Learn Korean Project

Today's language lesson is brought to you by the Learn Korean Project at Busy Atom. Everything on the site is free, and most of the lessons are video lessons.

The site is broken into basic areas, some of which are still being developed. Topics are the Korean alphabet, phrases, numbers and grammar, in addition to basic conversation lessons for beginners. The actual organization of the site was a little confusing at first, but nothing you won't be able to figure out.

The things I like about this program are that the video lessons are fairly compact and easy to learn. JB, the guy who leads the lessons,breaks down pronunciation of the words pretty well and explains the structure of the words. Using the romanization, it's not hard to learn to say the words correctly. JB does have a heavy accent though, so it can be a bit difficult to understand his English sometimes.

This program is definitely worth checking out! Here's lesson #27, self introductions. Enjoy!

Learn Korean Project -  http://busyatom.com/BusyAtom/Learn_korean.html


  1. Thanks! Looks like another good one. It is not an easy language to learn but I'm fascinated all the same!

  2. I wish I had this before I went over. Looks great!


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