What kind of mom are you?

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Stumbled across this amazing description of one mother's child-raising philosophy, found it at Mama Manifesto. It's by Cari, mother to 2 boys, and her approach in raising them.


The five c’s: To raise caring, compassionate, considerate, cooperative, and confident kids. To have FUN along the way and to remember to not take things so seriously all the time. To not sweat the small stuff, remember to be goofy along with the boys and to sometimes feed them pancakes for dinner just to enjoy the shock value and the giddiness that comes from the experience. To laugh, to sing and to dance with the boys at least 5 times a day and to remember to give hugs and kisses at least 10. To teach them that their life partner is to be loved, cherished and admired simply by role modelling the fact with my husband and my husband role modelling the fact with me. In the end, if my kids are respectful, kind and considerate human beings, I will feel that I have done my job."

This is really cool! I hadn't really thought about my "manifesto" when it comes to child rearing before. Quite a shocker considering all the ridiculous things I find myself obsessing over now that we are awaiting parenthood.

Cari's manifesto is pretty spectacular and really comes close to explaining how I want to be as a mother. Her inclusion of role modeling good life partners...that just blows me away. So overlooked and yet so vital to our child's approach to relationships and future happiness.

My philosophy would likely be very similar. The main addition I'd have would be to raise an independent thinker.

What would your manifesto be?

Read the rest of Cari's short interview about being a mom HERE.


  1. i love that!

    it sounds silly, but that's one of the things Buddy's therapist had us do early on...define our goals in parenting. it's been surprisingly useful to step back from individual situations and problems and remember what we are ultimately working toward.

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I have to think of the best manifesto for me to put on here. I'll be back :)


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