Please make these

I'm on a crafting binge. I promise, pix to follow soon of the adorables I've been knitting. It's been cutting into my blogging time, but I know you all understand. Sometimes a girl just needs to knit!

In the meanwhile, thought I'd pass along THIS ridiculously sweet pattern for booties by Heather Bailey. They are so girly and sweet, and the pattern is free! Someone needs to make these immediately so there will be more cuteness in the world! And don't forget to post pix when you finish.
image from Heather Bailey Design


  1. Sigh... I've had that pattern bookmarked for as long as I can remember. Why don't YOU come watch the girls for me, and I'll crank some out? ;)

  2. oh, these are SO cute, i can't even stand it! i don't knit, but you know, if you feel inclined to make some, i'll trade ya for them. not sure what, but i'll think of something! ;)

  3. I have been saying I want to learn to knit! How did you start? Did you take a class or have someone teach you? I want to make those :) So stinkin cute!!

  4. Love these! I found some felted ones that look very similar, but alas they are beyond my current knitting capabilities. These though don't look too bad though. I'll add them to my queue.

  5. I miss sewing and making things. I took a knitting class in the midst of infertility/trying to make babies days. sadly i have forgotten how to do it. I enjoyed the mindless ticking of the needles.

  6. I taught myself to knit about 8 years ago on a long weekend. Started with really basic stuff like scarves and then really learned a ton with felted projects which hide mistakes well and are quite forgiving. Everything I've learned came from books from the library, and was clarified through YouTube videos. It's not as scary as it looks!

    And Grace--a swap would be really fun!


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