Friday Round--10.8.2010

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Him: Well, it's time for bed. I have to get up early tomorrow.

Her: I thought tomorrow was your day off? What do you have to get up early for?

Him: I have to go pick up a bike for our boy.

Her: What???

Him: A bike. For our boy.

Her: You DO know that he probably won't be able to ride a bike for at least two years, right?

Him: Yeah, I'm probably getting a bit ahead of myself. {sheepish grin}

Later that day....The Man sends me this photo of Gus with this super cool balance bike. The maker is PLIM and the version is a Moto Kid. So far the boy has designer chairs and a Swiss-made bike. Guess we aren't very practical, but damn this is fun!

Have a great weekend.


Oh goodness, there seemed to be an abundance of good news lately. Here's just a few of the lovely happenings that melted my heart time after time.

A huge congratulations to M&K at "Our Adoption Journey" on their referral! Go HERE to share their good news and find out more--oh yeah, and there's some very sweet photos.

Heather and her husband from "...and baby makes three..." share their last minute excitement as they get ready to leave on a jet place and bring home their son Samuel.

Leo at "all accounted four" has been home a month! See how his family celebrates HERE.

Kellan has been home three months and is about to celebrate his first Halloween here. Love, love, LOVE his costume! Check out his and his big brother's costumes HERE at "On the long road."

Baby J. has been home four months, and his mom Rita reflects how their lives have changed HERE, since they received their referral call a year ago.

And one more congratulations. Give a big WAHOO to the gang at Our Answered Prayer--Life with Joel, who share THIS great news.

There's lots of us that are still waiting (Grace, I'm thinking of you). Our time is coming...be strong.

One more thing. Can you keep this hopeful mom in your thoughts? Read the story of Candice, who was in the process of adopting her daughter Antara from India, when process changes put the entire adoption on hold. I hope they are able to find the truth and give Antara a stable future, whether it be with Candice or in her birth country.


  1. Those bikes are AWESOME!!! Worth the early morning :)

  2. oh man, i SO want one of those bikes...have been looking, actually!
    thanks for your sweet words of encouragment...i so appreciate them!

  3. Yay - another Friday Roundup! Grace - thinking of you! Thanks for all of the great blogs to check out. :) So excited for many of them and keeping others in my prayers.

  4. what a very cool bike! if my husband sees this, it will not be long until there are two in our house for the boys!!

  5. you know what i love about waiting parents buying stuff...the hope it respresents. you don't yet know who your child will be, but you believe in the fact that he will exist.


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