Friday Round-Up--Poop edition--11.26.2010

John Legend on the iPod. Fresh coffee in my cup. Flour scatters on the counter as my creamy yellow mixer beats a rhythmic cadence. Whump. Whump. Whump.

I crack the eggs into the pumpkin cake I am making, reviewing the gastronomic feast we'll be eating for Thanksgiving. This year I thought it would be fun to make everything on our table from scratch. (A huge success with the exception of the Tofurkey roast.)

Stuffing with carmelized onions, pear, pecans & thyme; sweet potatoes with toasted pecans; Tofurkey braised in a orange/honey glaze; mashed potatoes with celery bulb and chives; and an all-from-scratch version of green bean casserole.

Wonder what thanksgiving next year will be like?


Stumbled across this awesome video today! Welcome to the Poop edition round-up {insert evil laugh here}.

OMG. Thought The Man was going to spew his lovely Thanksgiving Day faux-Turkey all over when he got an eye full of that poo in the video. Lol!

Of course, the thought of THIS happening makes me feel like launching my dinner too. If you have time, scroll through the rest of the site, Shit my Kids Ruined for more craziness.

Oh dear, and then THIS awfully hysterical story from Is there any Mommy out there? 

Must. Stop. This is all entirely too disgusting. Need something sweeter?

How about THIS? Mmm. Edible spiced "dog poop" cookies.

OK, OK. All done with the poop fun. (Poop is still fun for those of us who don't have to deal with it!) Here's some non-poop related things that I thought you might like.

This recipe for healthy living over at They Draw And Cook is beautifully drawn, super smart, and my new daily reminder to keep striving to live a better life.

I really love THIS story. A smart mama noticed when her first-grade daughter Katie stopped wanting to take her loved Star Wars water bottle to school. This blog post weaves together the fear of being different that adopted children can experience, as well as the pressures kids feel from bullying. The story was picked up nationally and there has been a huge response. Learn more about the aftermath, HERE.

At Confessions of a Conflicted Mean Girl read about this mom's effort to find satisfying replacement swear words. I should probably start practicing now....

Have a great weekend!


  1. Laughing hard. That is..wow! The worst part is our big babies are going to have even smellier diapers. You know the older the kid, the worse the smell in my opinion:)

  2. That video...hilarious! and, not to scare you, but so true. Poop is a daily topic of conversation in our household.


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