Four months

Four-leaf clover
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Four months ago yesterday, to be exact, since our home study went to Korea. Of course, it's snowing like mad outside right now, so I couldn't go out and find our own four leaf clover. But this one will do.

According to lore, the four leaves represent faith, hope, love and luck. And we've definitely had all those along this journey! It's been almost a year since we started the adoption process. Funny how time flies and stands still at the same time...

We spent the weekend nosing around for strollers, high chairs and cribs. It was a great time and although I was a eensy-weensy bit bummed about the 4-month mark, we had such a lovely weekend that I just didn't get down about it.

First, lots of great email and support from friends out in the cyber world. Yvonne let me know that there have been 3 referrals in our support group in the past 6 weeks! Awesome! And lots of positiveness from Emily (how can you not smile after reading one of her emails??). Things definitely seem to be moving with the agency. Dena wrote a blog post about her friend's referral, which was exciting. Dena's friend's home study went to Korea 3-weeks before Dena's, so hopefully they will be next to receive good news.  

Newsflash...and they got their referral this weekend! So very happy and excited for Dena and Brad, parents to a boy! 

Ours home study went a month after Dena's. Yes..things certainly seem to be on the move.

Which in turn (because I'm totally a freak like this) makes me feel that time is moving too fast! This weekend, I suddenly realized, oh my god, we have so much stuff to get! Baby spoons, and dishes, and bibs, and clothes, and shoes, etc. And I haven't finished painting the kitchen yet. Or started paring down the house or cleaning all the closets. Seriously. Closets are what I'm fussing about???

And when we picked up a sweet little sleeper set, The Man got a bit misty too. He does all the laundry and it donned on him that pretty soon he'll be seeing lots of very tiny and cute clothes (along with the very dirty and gross messes...but I didn't bring that up) in the wash.

So..tiny realities setting in for us. I have to laugh. I've been pining away for time to move faster, and now  it doesn't feel like we have enough time! 


  1. Thanks for mentioning us. :)

    Oh, do I know what you mean about not enough time!! I started a list this morning of all the things we'd like to get done in the next 2-3 months...I'm actually not sure it's even possible! We'll see how this goes. We know we'll get the essentials done and that we'll have our SON in our arms in just a couple of months. That's what counts. :)

  2. I was so excited to see Dena and Amy's referrals - I know yours is coming up (and ours too I hope!). I just cleaned out closets! Hurray! So I think that's always a fantastic idea! ;) Still lots of work to do, but having a list and checking things off is helping now that we're getting close.

  3. We just made a list & went down it in priority. Not everything got done, but the majority did. Your referral will be here before you know it (believe me...I know it doesn't seem like it at times)! Can't wait to see your referral post! :)

  4. Nesting is one of the best parts of waiting, in my opinion. It's what gets up ready to be parents. And it helps that it gets things organized and done. I have done a lot of that over the last number of years! Enjoy the nesting, and hopefully soon you will know who it is you are preparing a special place for.

  5. Hoping to see your referral post very soon! It seems as if the referrals are coming in very quickly since the beginning of the year so hopefully you won't have much longer to wait :-)

  6. You're getting so close!!! I can feel it!

  7. Aw! I can't wait to see how things go. You DO realize you're just nesting like any expectant Mommy, right? :) Cut yourself some slack! The kid needs love and food, to start with. We already know the first is in great supply, and I have no doubt that you have a grocery store nearby, so that takes care of the second. You're going to rock this!!

  8. you're so close! can't wait to hear about YOUR turn! ;)

  9. Hang in there, it's coming! Eagerly awaiting your referral post... :-)


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