Friday Round-up--1.28.2011

Our kitty--Etta Mae (AKA Boo Boo)

Why does the Easter Bunny hide eggs? Since bunnies don't lay eggs, it would make more sense if it were an Easter Chicken.

How many cat hairs does my cat actually have an how many do I swallow on a daily basis?

What could possibly be the purpose of that giant twitch you have right before you fall asleep?

Could there possibly be more colors out there that we aren't able to see because of the structure of our eyes?

What time zone are you in when you are in space?

Why doesn't superglue stick to the inside of the tube?

Just how much information does a dog ascertain when sniffing another dog's butt? (Where have you been? What have you eaten? Age? Will you be my friend?)

When, oh when, will that referral come??!!


To learn: Dogs and Babies

To make: Valentine origami garland

To make, part 2: On-the-go crayon cozy

To do: Care package advice

To dream: Step by step directions for the Korea trip
To get: Art & wallpapers for iPhone/iPad/mobile by artists--for free!


  1. yes, all valid questions and to take it one step further, do all of us see the same colors? I know what blue looks like and you know what blue looks like but are our blues exactly the same? Sometimes ya gotta wonder..ha! Happy weekend.

  2. Your day is coming - soon!!! Things are moving - three referrals in our group in the last 6 weeks. It's going to happen - not soon enough (since yesterday would have been perfect, right?) but it will happen. Hope that we can see you soon - Korean New Year on the 19th? Our house some Saturday night for Korean food? Let me know.

    But I agree - it would be so nice to know WHEN it is going to happen. It's one thing to wait - another thing to now know how long you have to wait...Hang in there.

  3. Right there wondering with you - about all of those excellent questions but especially the referral one! Hugs and prayers that it will come soon and for peace in the wait.


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