Chang Mi

Happy Monday!

Check out these awesome performances by the Chang Mi Korean Dance & Drum group! They are based in Minnesota and the performance group is comprised of adoptees and second-generation Korean Americans.

The dancing and drumming was really great, and it was awesome to see how these U.S. raised kids connected to their Korean heritage and tradition. Many of the performers met at summer heritage camps where they could meet other adoptees and explore Korean culture together. This is something we'd definitely like Little Man to experience too. (Although I'm guessing he won't be learning how to dance with fans!)

(Here's are direct links to the videos: Dance video, Drum video)

The performance was part of the Families Through Korean Adoption Korean New Year celebration. The FTKA event was incredible as always. So many supportive people! We had just found out about our referral a few days before we went to the event. It was fortuitous timing because everyone there had experienced the same thing, and offered up great advice. We are so lucky to have connected with this group!

And so think...the next time we see them, we'll have our own munchkin running around! Wahoo!

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  1. I'm so glad you took video! Our camera's battery died and the kids keep asking to see the video, so I'm thrilled that I can bring them here. Thanks for posting and I can't wait to see your son at our next big event :)


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