Baby brain

Get up.
Look at baby photo.
Shower, dress.
Eat while looking at baby photo.
Go to work.
Pretend to work while thinking about things we need for baby.
Wonder which is better, glass or plastic bottles.
Get on web and research.
Remember I'm supposed to be working, and shelve the research for later.
Back to work.
Fifteen minutes later, stop working to show a co-worker our baby's photo.
Boss gives me the I'm-happy-for-you-and-trying-to-be-patient-but-wish-you-would-get-back-to-work look.
Get back to work and actually get something accomplished.
Head for home after work, and stop at mall to pick up items for care package.
Get lured into Baby.Gap and fall in love with the teeny tiny jeans.
In a flurry of productivity, manage to hit the gym, open mail, and answer some email.
While doing those things, manage to share the news with several more friends.
Greet The Man when he comes home.
Discuss baby names while I make dinner.
We spend a sexy evening together---writing out thank-you cards for baby gifts.
And to top it off, we consult our planners to schedule things like stroller shopping and crib buying.
Look at baby pictures one more time.
Hit the sack, reading the how-to manuals on babies.

Next day.


  1. love it :)

    and in terms of bottles, I did all the research, chose the perfect bottle, and Andrew hated it. He couldn't figure out how to drink using it since it was so different from the one he had in Korea. So after that, we stuck with the cheap but most compatible to Korean bottles by buying the very basic (but bpa free) plastic bottles with medium flow nipples (since the holes in the bottles in Korea are bigger than here). Don't know if that will help you, but thought I would share.

    And love that you are getting things together for the care package - what fun!!

  2. Lol. Thanks for the reminder that however much I might obsess over finding THE "right" things, Little Man's opinion is the one that really matters. And yes, knowing that the nipple holes are bigger in Korea than here really helps! I swear I need an advanced degree to figure out some of this stuff. :)

  3. This made me laugh out loud! And also made me feel much better about my current daily schedule :-)

  4. Ooh, please share the name of the manual!

    For gear, I'm using Baby Bargains, which is helpful.

  5. My favorite part was the sexy evening writing out thank you cards. Love it ha!! But seriously, aren't those moments special?? Children have a lovely way of bringing hubby and wife together, even if it is to write out thank you notes:)

  6. LOL! That's been my typical days this week too! I really AM trying to teach, but "teaching" is a very loose term when you're trying to stare at a photo the whole day too!!! LOL!

    Anyways, I saw your post on our blog. OMG! How amazing that our kids were in the nursery at SWS together! It gives me chills! Feel free to repost this from my blog!! What a small world!!!!


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