Freaky Friday--2.4.2011

Hello from the frozen tundra. When we aren't wearing our cheeseheads and completely losing our minds that the Packers are in the Superbowl (I'm being a smartass here...if I hear 'Go Pack' one more time, I'm going to lose my cheese curds) then we are digging out from insane amounts of snow delivered to us by the angry weather gods in Snowmaggedeon 2011. Eek. What a week. I'll post photos of the snow madness, but really, I think I've got a case of snow blindness and can't bear to look at any more photos of the white stuff.

© Cheese Curds and Kimchi

The highlight of the week was spending time with this girl! Lucky for me, her mama trusts me to hang out with the little sweetie, and we had such a blast! She's 17-months, and I think know she's a genius. We played with puzzles, pulled things apart, banged things together, and enjoyed a general controlled mayhem. We also read LOTS of books. I couldn't believe how into them she was! This girl not only has looks that could melt the Frozen Tundra, but she's also super smart. She knows/recognizes letters of the alphabet! I had so much fun listening to her repeat everything, and trying to figure things out.

So we got through the afternoon sans tears, but I'll admit, I did shirk one duty. Methinks the little lady may (although this cannot be confirmed) have needed to be changed. And, well, uh. I have never changed a diaper.

There. The dirty (no pun intended) secret is out. I may have done it when I was much younger and babysitting, but evidently I've blocked that memory if it ever did actually occur.

I know, I know. I've gotta learn this sometime. But it felt kinda pushy. I mean, I wouldn't want some virtual stranger ripped off my undies and wiping my butt on our first playdate. So I left it for her mum. (Note to self...search for some instructional YouTube videos or Diaper-changing-for-dummies handbook before we bring little man home.)

Happy links, and may you enjoy a snow-free (keep your fingers crossed) weekend!

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  1. Oh, girl! You are gonna rock at changing diapers:)But I know what you mean...when I babysit other peoples kids their diaper changing is very personal. They will let me rock them, feed them, cuddle, but when they see you haul out the diaper and wipes, they get this panicky look like "heck no!". Have a great weekend!


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