Look what's in our kitchen!

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The fur babies seem quite confused about what this giant red thing is in our kitchen. It's our first big purchase for the baby and a super awesome Craigs.list find! But I have to admit it IS kinda funny to see a high-chair in our house.

The chair is a Stokke Tripp Trapp and is totally adjustable. There is no tray--you just push the little guy right up to the table, just like everyone else eats. You can buy an add-on tray if you want, but we are going to see how things go. The coolest thing is that this chair adjusts as the child adjusts, and can hold up to 300 pounds, so we can use it as a kitchen chair/step stool long after our munchkin needs a high chair.

I had a nice long chat with the babies about it this morning. Argus has agreed not to bark at it anymore. He seemed positive that it was an alien intruder sure to carry out an evil plan while we were all sleeping.

The kitties think it's a bonus...one more place to get above the dog and taunt him. Although they wish it had soft cushions. And was tuna flavored.


  1. First of all, that chair is AWESOME. I'm jealous.
    And secondly, I super-love your pets!!! Look at those chunky-monkey kitties! And how in the world did you get them to all look at the camera? And sit in the same room together? I'm amazed.

  2. I love this! We have two pugs and they are our babies too! Trust me, they will all love the chair once they realize that snacks may be dropped from it :-)

  3. Cuteness, and modern. And yes, your pets sitting that way look like a magazine add.

  4. Gotta love Craigslist! Congrats on your first big purchase!

  5. After years of highchairs and booster seats, I wish I knew about this when Andrew came home because it seems awesome. Easy to clean. Grows with them. Looks great. And you found it on craigslist? Total score!

    Best part is it in your kitchen for your baby. Awesome!!

  6. Way cool! I need to start checkng craigslist. I'd love to avoid getting a gigantic high chair and this just might do.

  7. what a gorgeous high chair! love it!
    and, gus' face is priceless!

  8. Hey Pix,

    Thanks for the comments on our blog! It is good to hear from a fellow 'Sconnie.

    This picture rocks...like, to the point I think maybe some fellow bloggers should think of some funny captions for it...I bet people would be able to come up with some pretty hilarious stuff!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I will keep you in my thoughts for a smooth (well, at least as smooth as can be) process.

    P.S. Love. love. love the chair...and the color!


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