Friday Round-up--2.11.2011

Yes, another high chair pic. No, I didn't put Etta there!
Happy to finally see an end to this week! It pretty much consisted of work, work, and more work. Lame-o.

Had a laugh with a friend this week over our high chair. She's a mom of two, and I tried describing the chair to her, but she just couldn't understand what I was talking about. When I said that we could use the chair long after the baby had grown out of it, she collapsed in laughter and tears. All she could picture was us trying to cram our butts into a tiny baby seat.

So I showed her a photo of the chair. "Your baby isn't going to be able to sit up in that!" she squealed. "That's a toddler chair." I had visions of the baby sliding out of the chair and plopping on the floor.

OK...I have a warped sense of humor. I wouldn't want our baby on the floor. And if that happened, I would likely be freaking out and NOT laughing. But it was such a sitcom kind of thing to imagine that it kept cracking us up. I know it's one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but it's kept me smiling all week. (FYI--there is a baby kit available for the chair if he's on the small side or can't sit up by himself.)

I'm sure we'll have some hits and misses as far as baby purchases go. So to all of you parents out there...what did you find invaluable when your child was 9-months old? What things were a waste of money? What would you recommend? What couldn't you live without?

Happy weekend!


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  1. We went straight for the toddler chair as well. (And Spencer was 9 months when he came home and very tiny... it was fine.) We're anti-stuff though, so we might not be the best ones to get advice from... we didn't have most of the "must haves"...

  2. I love the Stokke chair! That would have been my dream chair. We got a Svan because I found a great deal on it, it's the same concept.

    Things you need... A place for the baby to sleep. A car seat. MUST have a carrier. Diapers. Some clothes. Bibs. Food. Toothbrush (yeah, I was super surprised that you have to brush their teeth. Duh).

    People gave us a ton of things that we never used and we still had less stuff than your average family.

  3. find yourself an incredible baby carrier.
    and a lovey for your baby. something that is very special and soft and snuggly and his. for comfort. (yours AND his.)
    our boys' loveys are (stuffed) dogs. theo's was a gift at birth and i bought emmett his when he was newborn. rubin actually came home with his puppy, hoopy. his foster mother gave it to us and rubin sleeps with him and takes great comfort from him.

  4. I think the chair you bought is FA-BU!

    Our must-have (mostly because both our sons were born in Tokyo) was a "caddy hook" chair! We never had another separate highchair...no space.

  5. I missed the 9 month mark but here are a few things I loved. The tiny diner.
    Todd Parr books. And My First Touch and Feel Picture cards

  6. We have the Stokke Tripp Trapp and love it! You'll use it forever, it's easy to clean, and it looks great.


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