Baby Shower!

Me and The Man arriving at the shower.
So, the baby shower was totally awesome!

Some of the highlights:

*Our awesome friends C, G, and ML organized the event. These are three super smart ladies who have supported us throughout this whole process. They've cheered us on every step of the way. I really can't tell you how much I look up to these guys--for guidance, comfort, and love. The care, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness they put into the party means so much to us!

Party favor boxes that read "Welcome Baby!"
*Friends, friends and more friends! About 35 people that we love, from all over the state, came to celebrate. It was a really great feeling and once again I was reminded how blessed we are. What a gift it is to have good friends!

*The party favors had Little Man's sweet face on boxes (so sad we can't show his picture on the blog!) with "Welcome Baby" printed in Hangul. The boxes were also filled with Korean sweet treats! They also had the cake printed in Hangul.

*We had great Mediterranean food, which made it such a multicultural event. And boy was it GOOD!

The Entertainment
*G's son J was our excellent helper and entertainer extraordinaire. He helped unwrap gifts, swiftly cleared the garbage, and serenaded the entire room with his rendition of the ABC's. That boy has spunk!

*C knows we LOVE books and she found these great Korean-themed books, which she had scattered around the room for the party. We especially love the board books that have animals, letters and the alphabet in Hangul.
Special books
*And we were gifted with lots, I mean, LOTS of fun things for our little munchkin! Clothes, music, toys galore. Bath soaps, bath toys and snugglies. Thermometer, monitor, books and too much other neat stuff to list. Generous and thoughtful, and all will certainly be put to good use.

When we came home, we started unboxing things and putting them away in his room. My heart somersaulted a few times when I walked into the kitchen and saw a sink full of sippie cups and baby dishes. It suddenly got very real.

Now, just waiting for that damned Visa to go through. It's been 12 days since the I600 approval. Mama is getting very impatient.

The cake.
I think I'm salivating over the cake as The Man does the cake cutting.


  1. What a fantastic shower! I love all the details.
    I remember when we started stocking our cabinets with bottles and it all just hit me that we were going to have a baby. SO exciting!!!

  2. What a wonderful day! And yes, something about seeing the sippy cups does make it more real, doesn't it? Loved all the photos!

    And have you called NVC? That way you at least know if you are "out" of there...

    Hoping for that travel call soon!!

  3. Even though I already have all the baby stuff, I want a shower, just for the cake!!! I called NVC yesterday and it just gets me all antsy again, worrying about the last set of hoops. Keep me posted on what you hear!

  4. yay! what fun! so glad you had a great shower!
    hoping that call comes soon!

  5. What is taking NVC so long?!? Grrr! Love the shower pics. The Hangul is a great tough. Hoping the call comes soon!!! :)


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