I got you babe

Day 13 of NVC watch and I'm about to hole up with the cheese puffs and watch Ghost (that movie always makes me bawl my head off, but so does Dirty Dancing....perhaps it's just Patrick Swayze that makes me cry.).

Either way, we still aren't NVC in. Waiting when we knew we had months to wait was tolerable. Waiting now that we are down to days/weeks, is making a basket case out of me.

Clearly madness has set in, because yesterday I cried when I heard this song:

I feel cheap and pathetic. At least it gave me a reason to look at the video though. I remember watching them when I was a kid. Doesn't Cher look pretty?


  1. Beautiful...haha. I remember getting to work those days and after one min of sitting at my desk thinking "How am I going to get through this day" So between clients I sat at my desk refreshing the HOLT BB over and over again...what did I think would happen?? Hoping for news!!!

  2. Oh, these last weeks are truly the hardest. Waiting every minute of the day for good news. We waited an abnormally long time between I600 approval and travel call for Ingrid, and I was raving mad by the end of it. My best advice is to do whatever you need to do to make it through the days. Treat yourself to days off, watching movies and eating whatever you want.

  3. My goodness they are taking their sweet time! Definitely treat yourself and try to enjoy a few last adult things. Pamper you a little, try not to go nuts. But it's making ME crazy how long this is taking for you!!! Hugs! Hope to hear good news tomorrow!!!

  4. sending you huts and chocolate...or cheese puffs. and remember that even if they don't have you as logged in doesn't mean you aren't - it just hasn't hit the system.

    hang in there.

  5. oh, just remember, i got YOU, babe! if you need me, call me!!!!! xo


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