Friday Round Up

Hello Sunshine,

Over 6000 miles still separate us. That's a long way for a Mommy to send her love. Can you feel it?

Today we found out that we are one step closer to you. The visa paperwork is finally moving, and hopefully we'll be getting on a big blue plane in a week or so!

Soon, very soon, we'll all be together. The wait has been hard, but we are comforted knowing you are loved and safe with your foster family in Korea.

All of our lives are about to change, Sweetheart. And I'm excited at all the firsts that are ahead of us. Daddy and I lay awake in bed at night, talking about bringing you home and our hopes and dreams as a family. We've been waiting a very long time for you, Little Man.

Your great-grandma reminded me that when I first see you I shouldn't scoop you up and smother your puffy cheeks with kisses. But boy is that going to be tough! I know that we will be strangers to you, but your face is as familiar as my own reflection.

My heart melts when I think of your skin against mine. Of your beautiful brown eyes. And picturing you in your Daddy's arms...oh shoot. Mommy cries every time at the thought of that.

So my sweet boy, just a few more days to go. We are sending our love across all these miles. Sleep well darling, and know that people on both sides of the world love you more than you can ever know.

Until we meet,

Mommy and Daddy


To become a family: Getting to Know You

To imagine: Hardware Store Fort

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To know: Chopsticks

To eat sweetly: Korean Sweet Pancakes (Hoddeok) – Fully Home Made Version

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  1. Eeeeek!!! You're SO close!!! Cannot wait to see "travel call" in your post :)
    Oh, and hoddeok are the absolute yummiest. They make a regular appearance at our house!

  2. so, NVC in? out? what?? need details, girl!!

    And love this note to your boy - totally sweet. and so glad that things are moving!!! a week - a week! wow.

    he knows it. you know it. and you'll have this note to show him. and there is something about your baby in your husband's arms...it is as sweet as holding your baby yourself. can't wait to see that photo!

  3. oh and I love the links. Hoddeok is the best. hopefully you will be able to find some on the streets of Seoul (we found ours at Namdaemun Market and Insadong) but if not, making it at home is awesome too.

  4. FINALLY! So happy NVC finally got their act together!!!
    Can't wait to for you to finally have him in your arms.
    Looking forward to the links - we made hoddeok the other day but it wasn't as good as the other times I've had it so I have to find out what I need to do to make it better. ;)


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