Friday Round Up (on a Saturday)

(I think Christy is the biggest fan of the Friday round up. So even though it's coming out on a Saturday, this one is dedicated her!)

Alright team. Settle down. I know we are getting near the end, and Tuesday's announcement that the I-600 was approved has some of you flying high, but we need you to come back down here. There's still some things that have to be done, and we need you in the game. Stay focused!

So here's what we know: right now our paperwork is en route (via the Postal Service...I shudder to consider all the things that could go wrong with that scenario) to the National Visa Center. That takes an average of 7-10 days to arrive. Mr. Postal worker is the wild card in this scenario. We all know how sensitive they can be--let's just hope that he's feeling happy and walking down streets filled with flowers and rainbows.

Now, the NVC guys, those guys are killers. Lean, mean, paper slugging machines. They are the closers in this game. At the NVC our papers will be scanned into the system and given a number. This step is called NVC IN. This is good. We are not NVC IN yet, but hopefully will be early/middle of next week!

The next step is approval of the papers and notification of the embassy. This is NVC OUT. This is very good news.

Fingers crossed that NVC IN and OUT will happen this week. Can you send some good mojo our way and hope for a speedy process?

Wahoo! We are rounding the base at third and ready to bring Little Man home!

In the meanwhile, we are spending this weekend frantically finishing projects, shopping for thank-you gifts to take to the foster family and social workers, and putting our house together following Paintagedon.

Oh yeah, and we have a baby shower on Sunday! We are so excited and can't wait to celebrate with our closest friends!

So much happiness. Hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. Love to read about your progress. So so glad Emily shared it with me, and I know we'll be there very soon! Have a great weekend with friends and family, and I look forward to reading about your travels!

  2. Yahoooo! You are so, so close, friend. :)

  3. Yippee! About 3 hours after I posted yesterday, our mail-lady delivered our I600 approval! So soon, we'll have our boys :)


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