This wait

My friend mentioned that she tried imagine how this wait feels. To know someone else is caring for your child and the only thing you could do was to wait. (How much I love her for this!) It is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. This whole process has been a lesson in patience, but mostly learning to trust tolerate a process and a system.

Sometimes it really feels overwhelming. And sometimes I'm at peace with it.

So....I couldn't sleep the other night and I went all 1981 and wrote this poem. Suffer through it to see how waiting feels to me, or just scroll to the bottom for the latest update!

This Wait.
Hovers like fog on a wet morning.
It wilts me.
Drinks from my confidence.
Nibbles on my dreams.
Mocks my mother's heart.

I pretend it's not there.
But it will not be ignored.
It rings in my ears.
Jabs at my chest.
A chill I cannot dissipate.

This Wait.
Cannot be rushed.
Cannot be cajoled.
It's a test, tailor-made for me.
But patience has never been my friend.

Together we sit,
like old maids on a porch swing.
Argue and fuss.
I shake my fist at her.

She leans over and whispers in my ear.
"It's true, I am sometimes difficult.
But I am also delicious.

I pause.
A new view.
For without The Wait,
there would be no you.
All this is part of our story.
And for you my love,
I will gladly wait.

© Cheese Curds & Kimchi

OK. You made it! And evidently we are making it too. Yesterday our I600 was approved! So, (keeping fingers crossed here) we could be traveling in about two weeks! Wahoo!

Holy crap. So much to get done!


  1. Oh I can completely relate to your poem. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But CONGRATS on your I-600 that was super fast!!!

    I am SO happy for you!

  2. Beautifully, honestly written! I loved it.
    And i600?! No way!!! Get ready, mama!

  3. Lovely poem. Congrat's on your I600, how exciting!!!

  4. It is so hard now but when you look back, holding your son, you know you would do every moment again. That is the strange thing about this time.

    But it is almost over - I600 approval is awesome!!! Woohoo!!

  5. whoa, two weeks?!!! eek!! so excited for you!
    and beautiful poem -- so honest! and TRUE!

  6. Love the poem - it made me cry (fairly easy to do these days, but you know...). :) Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    Hurray - happy dance for I-600 approval!

  7. I remember the pain of the wait so well and I love your poem. Wonderful news about the I-600 approval -- you are so close!!!

  8. So glad that you found me over on my blog Expecting a Blessing. Congrats on this big step!! One step closer to getting the little one home :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  9. Beautiful poem. So happy for you. Hopefully the weight is ending...

  10. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing this. The pain of waiting will vanish as soon as you are with that little boy of yours. Seriously...it will.


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