Friday Round Up-4.8.2011

Friday! The Man has to attend a conference all weekend, so it will just be me and the fur babies. We'll try to stay out of trouble.

I have a lot I should get done this weekend. But I have to admit that with the dark shadow of a possible government shut-down looming, all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch movies that make me cry. Since we are awaiting immigration approval from the US side, a shutdown would put delay our process. USCIS and other government workers would not be processing paperwork for our I600 or the visa. To be so close...I can't think of it. You can read more about how a shutdown would affect the international adoption scene HERE.

Trying to stay positive. Think happy thoughts.

So I'll try to stay busy. On my weekend agenda is--more painting. Ugh. Just two last coats to get the kitchen cabinets finished, and then we can reassemble the whole lot. Yay! Looking forward to crossing another project off the list. And having the utensils back in the kitchen.

I'm also heading to Drawstring Studio, a fun modern fabric store. She sells a lot on Etsy but also has a cute brick and mortar shop. I'm hunting for material to try and tackle THIS crib skirt. (Yes Mom, I'm going to a fabric store to search for material to sew with!) I really don't have the time to make the skirt, but haven't found one that I like at all. This may or may not (most likely not) get completed before Little Man comes home, but who knows??

And of course, I will be sleeping in every morning this weekend. A must. Have I told you how much of a sleeper I am? I can easily snooze until 10 or 11 just like a teenager. I never seem to have outgrown that.  Getting up at 8 a.m. for work is still a challenge for me. I know, I know. This will change. But until it does...sleep!

Sweet dreams!


To celebrate: Travel Call! (AKA, Dena and Brad's big news!)

And to celebrate a little more:  We have Max

To make: Spring Puppet Printables

To laugh, in that "I'm never going to be that kind of mom but I probably will" way: How Do I Bad Mommy Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

To cook: AeHoBakJeon, Korean Pancake

To gain insight: I'll grow up to be just like mommy, right?


  1. Oh no, I hadn't thought about the impact a government shutdown would have on international adoptions! I hope it doesn't end up delaying your son coming home!

  2. Did you know that I really needed a Friday Round Up this week? I was just thinking that I missed them! :) Thank you SO much for your words of encouragement. The biggest reason I don't want the gov't. to shut down is adoption (the fact that we're not getting paid is second to that...I'm a bit weird). Looks like they're going to resolve things so that's good news!

  3. The whole government thing is just so incredibly ridiculous. I hope it's worked out soon.
    And I am sooooo jealous of your sleeping in. Please do it on behalf of all the over-tired mamas out there! :)


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